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The University of South Alabama’s College of Arts and Sciences is providing a unique opportunity for prospective undergraduate students and parents to “Chat with a Professor.” Take advantage of this special opportunity to learn more about our undergraduate majors and see why it’s so special to be a South Alabama Jaguar. Feel free to register for more than one session based on your academic interests.

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Art and Art History

Students in the Department of Art and Art History are prepared for careers in the visual arts or graduate work. Students can also study or practice the arts for their own personal development and cultural enrichment. 

Majors: Studio Art and Visual Arts (Concentrations in Animation, Art History, Ceramics, Glass, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture)

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Students in the Department of Biology experience a broad-based education that includes the various evolutionary principles of life. The multitrack major in biology provides students with a well-rounded background. Students can select courses that prepare them for graduate study, pre-health professional fields (such as medicine or dentistry), marine biology or environmental science.

Major: Biology (Concentrations in Graduate Study, Pre-Health Professional Fields such as medicine or dentistry, Marine Biology or Environmental Science)

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Students in the Department of Chemistry experience the areas of inorganic, materials, organic, analytical, physical, and biological chemistry. Students can major in chemistry through the American Chemical Society certified degree program or the Biochemistry track.

Major: Chemistry (American Chemical Society certified degree program or Biochemistry track)

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The Department of Communication prepares students to be communication decision makers, problem solvers, writers, editors, policy makers, advertisers, public relations professionals, filmmakers, social media managers, reputation managers, nonprofit directors, videographers, producers, screenwriters, radio broadcasters, TV reporters, public information officers and creative directors. Students are trained to be independent, critical thinkers who uphold the highest ethical standards as communication leaders in a global society.

Majors: Communication, Digital Film and Television Production, Journalism, and Advertising and Public Relations

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Earth Sciences

Students in the Department of Earth Sciences study the physical features of Earth and learn how human activity affects Earth through meteorology, geography or geology. Most classes have a hands-on and field work component, but students also gain the theoretical knowledge necessary for their chosen profession. Besides majors and minors in the disciplines, the department offers a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) certificate, a GIT (Geographic Information Technology) minor, and a departmental honors program. 

Majors: Meteorology, Geology and Geography

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Students in the Department of English are prepared for jobs in professional settings including teaching, writing and business. English majors and minors are taught by talented faculty and field experts in creative writing, literature, and professional writing. The English undergraduate program allows students to explore the study of literature and interpretation of novels, stories, poems and essays through critical approaches and writing, build the skills to craft meaningful creative work, and develop skills in professional writing and editing. 

Majors: English (Concentrations in Creative Writing or Professional Writing and Editing, or select the English Major)

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Knowledge and awareness of history and society are important ingredients of a liberal education. The Department of History offers general courses for all students, a major and a minor in history, and preparation for students who plan to continue study at the graduate level, to teach history, or to enter related fields.

Major: History

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International Studies

The International Studies Program breaks the traditional mold to offer a multi-disciplinary and multi-college program designed to prepare students for the needs of today’s global society. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies degree refine their knowledge in foreign language, history, political science, geography and more to receive broad training in regional studies or international relations. This major provides a unique combination of course work and opportunities outside of the classroom, through internships and study abroad, to become competent in our globalized world.

Major: International Studies (Concentrations in Asian Studies, European Studies, Global Health, International Relations, Latin American Studies and Middle East Studies)

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Marine and Environmental Sciences

The Stokes School of Marine and Environmental Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. Students who choose to study marine sciences have many opportunities to explore coastal and ocean environments in a variety of ways. The program prepares students for job opportunities related to the marine environment in government, academic, commercial and industrial settings. The bachelor's degree in environmental and sustainability sciences trains students to understand the natural world and its interaction with human development. Students apply state-of-the-art field methods, instrumentation and data analysis to study the natural and human environment.

Major: Marine Sciences


Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers courses that focus on the core problem-solving and quantitative reasoning skills that form the backbone of most scholarly and professional pursuits. Because of this versatility, a degree in mathematics and statistics can serve as a wild card that will prepare you for success in a multitude of careers and graduate programs.

Major: Mathematics and Statistics

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Modern and Classical Languages and Literature

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates language study with culture and area studies, literature, and linguistics and prepares students to take their place as participants, leaders and innovators in an increasingly interconnected world. Competency in other languages is the key to understanding other cultures and, in turn, makes possible a deeper understanding of one's own culture and language.

Majors: Modern Languages and Literature (Concentrations in French, German, Russian and Spanish)

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The Department of Music, through its innovative curriculum, empowers professional musicians, music educators, and those who wish to enrich their lives through the arts.  Music majors can select from a variety of degree concentration programs, each combining comprehensive musicianship with preparation for a professional music career. Concentrations for a Bachelor of Music include music education (instrumental or vocal), performance (instrumental or vocal), elective studies in business and elective studies in outside fields. Students can also choose to minor in music.

Major: Music

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Become a critical thinker by examining the moral, political, aesthetic and religious dimensions of human existence. Students in the Department of Philosophy can choose from concentrations in philosophy, religion or classics. Graduates have moved on to careers as physicians, attorneys, technical writers, business managers, professors and much more.

Major: Philosophy  (Concentrations in Classics, Philosophy and Religion)

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Investigate the physical universe at all scales by combining observation with theory, imagination, and deduction. Students in the Department of Physics can choose from tracks in general physics, graduate school prep, meteorology double major, or the premedical option.

Major: Physics (Tracks in General Physics, Graduate School Prep, Meteorology Double Major, and Premedical Option)

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Political Science and Criminal Justice

Undergraduate students in the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice can choose to major in political science or criminal justice. Students have access to exceptional classroom experiences, campus organizations and interactive activities. The department offers internship opportunities and career events that prepare graduates for jobs in many professional settings The critical thinking, writing, oral communication and analytical skills that these degrees provide have prepared students for work in various fields, including law enforcement, government, law, corrections, public policy, political campaigns, business, education, journalism, NGOs and nonprofits, and more.

Majors: Criminal Justice and Political Science

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Students in the Department of Psychology seek to understand, explain, and predict behavior, thought-processes, and emotions. Through the application of research skills to solve human problems, psychology graduates are prepared for careers in many areas, including mental health, sales, human resources and education.

Major: Psychology

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Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Students in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work build a foundation on service by studying global human social patterns and processes and humankind past and present. Students can choose to major in anthropology, social work and sociology. Participate in supervised internships and field experiences with community partners in child welfare, healthcare/health disparities, aging, juvenile justice, environmental advocacy, historic preservation, and many other service areas.

Majors: Anthropology, Social Work and Sociology

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Theatre and Dance

The Department of Theatre and Dance provides students with a theoretical foundation and a practical proficiency in the arts of theatre. Students gain a better understanding of the theatre, while each individual student has the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of the art, including performance, design and technology. Courses utilize lectures, workshops and practical experience in all phases of the theatre. 

Majors: Drama

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