Eligibility & Participation

JagTV is a great way to begin an exciting career in the fields of television, cinema, and broadcast journalism, all while having a lot of fun along the way. Gain hands-on experience in alternating roles as you help create weekly shows of various genres. Meet other students who are passionate about your field and forge friendships and networks that extend far beyond college.


Who can be a member?

All current USA students (regardless of major) who are willing to work on a voluntary basis are welcome to participate in JagTV. We are also open to any former JagTV active members who are no longer students.

Although classes in Digital Cinema and Television and/or Broadcast Journalism are helpful, they are not required. Anyone with a passion for the craft and a willingness learn can go far in JagTV.

JagTV is open to qualifying students regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disabilities. Such an environment will contribute to the growth and development of each member, as it will encourage students to embrace diversity as a positive aspect of learning and scholarship.

Non-production Members

Not quite ready to jump into production? That’s perfectly fine. Some members choose to just come to our weekly meeting until they are ready for more. But it’s usually not too long before they find a project right for them and jump into the action.


It’s easier than ever to get involved in JagTV because members sign up to crew a show on a per episode basis. At each meeting, there will be a sheet for members to sign up for crew positions on that week’s shows. Pick a filming that works for your interest and schedule, and if you never sign up for that show again, it’s fine because there will be another signup sheet at the next meeting. Most members sign up for multiple shows a week, but some act as crew sporadically when they have time.

However, if you sign up for a show, you must come or find a replacement. Otherwise, you will lose points within the club (see "Leveling" tab). Repeated no-shows will result in the suspension of crewing privileges.

Some tasks require a higher level in the club before a member can perform them. Once reaching the required level, you will be offered training in the task (optional) and signed off.


Producer are responsible (with the help of the club) for casting roles, selecting crew, and editing each episode (can be delegated) of his/her show. Programs must be completed to JagTV standards, which are available from the general manager. Any club member who has reached level 6 (see "Leveling" tab) may present a show idea for approval as long as he/she is willing to perform the tasks as showrunner. Studio time will be reserved on a first-ask basis.

Field Reporters

Various shows on JagTV require packages created by field reporters on scene. Those interested should add his/her name to the field reporter list from which producers will pull names as needed. Reporters are allowed to add and remove their names from list as desired throughout the semester. An informal interview may be performed by the show’s producer to determine ability. The selection of a field reporter is up to the show’s producer, but if you have reason to appeal the decision, talk to a JagTV manager.

Although there is no penalty for declining an assignment, once accepted it becomes your responsibility. Failure to complete the assignment on time will cause you to lose points within the club (see "Leveling" tab). Repeated failures to complete assignments on time and to standard will result in the suspension of field reporting privileges.


For all regular, in front of camera positions, the candidate must first audition. If selected, you will be expected at every filming of your show. Absences must have a good excuse and be very rare, otherwise you will lose the position. Sign-up for auditions will generally take place at the first two meetings unless a position opens midterm. Cast slots are very limited.

Note: This section does not apply to the comedy skit show, Jaguar Circus, which has a cast which revolves weekly and films immediately after the general meeting. To participate in that, simply come to the weekly meeting.

Experience Points

JagTV operates on a system of experience points (EPs – pronounced “eeps”). EPs are awarded from attending meetings, performing cast or crew duties, field reporting, editing, helping at events, etc. Basically, the more active you are in the club, the more EPs you gain and the higher level you obtain. Tasks that require more experience and responsibility gain more EPs, and leveling within the club opens you up to more positions that require more experience and responsibility. Those willing to learn higher positions, will be trained in them once he/she has reach the required level to perform them.

Members do not begin accumulating EPs until they have attended at least one meeting (exceptions apply and must be approved by the General Manager).

For a complete list of levels and the tasks that produce EPs, click here.

Note: The amount of experience points acquired does not directly affect promotion into paid positions.

Officers and Staff

Although almost all positions at JagTV are volunteer, there are a few paid positions. However, these slots are extremely rare and are generally awarded to members who are very active within the club. If an officer or staff position becomes available and you have proven yourself within the club as right for the job, you will be approached by the general manager with details.

Administrative Officers

General Manager (GM) - the chief officer at JagTV. All officers report directly to the general manager. The general manager sets the work ethic, tone and pace of the station. He/she has the final say on station hires and keeps both on-air and behind-the-scenes talent in step with overall station directives. He/she creates a clear vision for the station and the blueprints for success that every staffer is expected to follow. Additional: is expected to produce at least one show for JagTV.

Station Manager – second-in-command of JagTV. Performs many of the same tasks as the GM but to a lesser degree. Additional: is expected to produce at least one show for JagTV.

Program Manager – over special programs as well as promotions, events, and certain aspects of production. Additional: is expected to produce at least one show for JagTV.


News Manager – responsible for producing and directing the news program at JagTV, seeing that the proper information is collected for each broadcast, selecting and overseeing the anchors and field reporters, assigning stories, and maintaining the standards set by the GM.

Director of Advertising – responsible for contacting businesses and on-campus organizations with the intent of selling advertising spots on JagTV. He/she establishes and maintains working relationships with these entities and assures and keeps them apprised of any updates.


Production Assistant – performs various higher crewmember tasks, helps prepare for events, and assists the managers with the day to day operations of the studio. Most are also showrunners.

Volunteers – Any member who reaches level 4 in the club is also considered volunteer staff (see “Leveling” tab). These members perform various duties of cast, crew, and event staff.

Ultimately, JagTV pays in experience, networking, and training (and fun) which can help you move seamlessly out of school straight into careers in your field.


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