97.1 The Prowl

On-Air Talent in Prowl Studio

97.1 The Prowl, the voice of Jag Nation, is the University of South Alabama's student-run radio station.

About Us

We are a 100 watt low-power FM station, servicing the main campus and surrounding areas. 97.1 The Prowl is a variety station with an alternative twist!

The Prowl is open to all currently-enrolled students, regardless of major. All positions are voluntary, except those decided by the Board of Student Communications.


Former student Jason Cooper started Jag Radio with a group of friends in the  fall of 2010. The station was cobbled together as an internet radio startup in an equipment closet, nicknamed, The Bunker. 

The makeshift studio moved into a new building on the main campus in 2013 with its own dedicated space, complete with an old couch in honor of the tradition of all great radio stations.

The students renamed the station The Prowl in May of 2013. 

The university then filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for a low-power FM signal. The FCC granted permission to build the station in February 2014. WJGR 97.1 The Prowl was born.


For those who are interested in joining the team, please submit a participation form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. For any sponsored content, please fill out our sponsorship form

While in test operations, we are unable to do live remotes. This should change within the next few weeks. We will update you on when live remote requests are available.